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Discussion about the 400 Rs issue

All the 100Rs special books are having 98 color pages and 56 b&w pages. But the upcoming 400 Rs issue will be having 322 color pages and 78 b&w pages. But it should be 392 color pages and 224 b&w pages. Instead of having 612 pages it is going to be only 400 pages. Aren't we paying premium of 100 Rs per book. Then why should we pay in advance? If the 100 Rs books are successful and profitable why they need premium price for the 400 Rs issue. Is it because we are ready to pay whatever it is? Like me many are having the habit of collecting the issues irrespective of the quality of content like the super hero super special.
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  • Sakrates Usha Sobiya Thiru sinevasan avarkal 
    tamil scanlation i thodara vendum endru kettu kolkiren...
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  • Pathy RVc None of complain about paying 600 for an Asterix comics which is about 50 pages.. ! Strange but true !!
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  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan I knew it. single stories of largo winch, lucky Luke are 195 Rs and it is only 48 pages. But in Tamil we are getting two stories and a b&w story as bonus for 100 Rs. I didn't compare between different publishers. I'm trying to point out the difference from the same group.
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Consistency is never the right word here. wink
    You will never get straight answers. No matter how practical and true your question is. smile
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil It is good to see at-least a couple of people asking questions and not going behind the herd.
  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan Srinivasan Ramakrishnan I agree and understand your calculation. But royalty of the stories also we should take into consideration
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Yes. But where can you ascertain the value of the book under question? Has there been any explanations asked or given of the book under topic beforehand?

    He has a question to ask. Let him ask it. We might come to know of a different answer than the one we were expecting. When someone rises a viable question, it is beneficial to stand aside and see the outcome when we don't know the right answers ourselves.
  • Rafiq Raja The Original intent of having a 400 rs edition itself is faulty... and asking for trouble. When you have somehow managed to put the Rs.100 issues as a common schedule, why would you stretch yourself for a 4 times bigger issue.

    It looks this mega proje
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Or just cashing on at the opportune moment. wink
  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan Rafiq Raja May be because of 40 yrs celebration of Muthu comics... also the Rs 200 issue sold out (Rathapadalam) could have given confidence to editor. He also wants a book to be released during Chennai Book Fair.. These are all my guesses. Anyway why ...See More
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Buddy, a tissue paper with florid images in it is still a tissue paper. wink
    I cannot understand this bullshit about the printing quality. Tamil, that I can. But not the shiny shiny paper that has impressed everyone. wink
  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan After paying the royalty if they can afford to release modesty blaise for 10 Rs why cant they do it on a 100 Rs book. some asked me personally to explain further. by paying 400 Rs you can buy 4 special issues. one book contains 2 largo winch 98 ...See More
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  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan editor said புதன் கிழமை மாலை நமது அலுவலகத்திற்கு வந்ததொரு உள்ளூர் சிறுவன் கையில் இருந்ததோ ரூபாய் 100 ; ஆனால் அவன் இன்னும் வாங்கிடாத நமது சமீபத்திய இதழ்கள் 3 ! அவன் கண்களில் தெரிந்த அந்த ஏக்கம் ; இறுதியாக நியூ லுக் ஸ்பெஷல் இதழை தேர்வு செய்த பின்னும், ட...See More
  • Rafiq Raja Ramkumar : No other publication in the world celeberates occasssions with equal number of pricing. they just celebrate it with a double digest at the maximum.

    What we needed instead of 400 rs. edition was a clear vision for 2013 prints. What is happen
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  • Rafiq Raja Srinivasan : And you also don't get 6 covers... meaning considerable savings for lamination, hard cover, artist work, post-pre production - including the binding for individual issues...

    Overall, it looks Edit is set to publish only 100 pages for INR
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil He's getting to be a good businessman. And businessmen need to lie. wink

    He is at a point where he might actually believe his own bullshit. He said that this is like having sweets for pongal even when you have debts with the local general store. What an example. tongue
    His true concern in about 4 lines.
  • Rafiq Raja Frankly speaking INR 100 for a two color prints is a nice pricing strategy, and even if it's restricted to 100 to 120 pages, that's fine.

    What I would love to see that it is split by INR 50, and issued as individual editions. Making it reach all the s
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  • Rafiq Raja Recent Examples :

    Lucky Luke + low quality Lucky Luke story
    Reporter Johny with low quality Prince story
    Western with low quality Blueberry Story
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Like I said, cashing on the opportune moment. It is indeed a business but he should not have made the promise of 50Rs books then.
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil You think that these people realize what is low quality and what is high quality? For that, they need to read more. wink
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  • Rafiq Raja Now it looks like 50 rs. editions are only restricted to b/w tex stories and italian ones... while the main issue would still be INR 100 all the time... I would love to be surprised with 2013 calendar, but that looks pretty long shot expectation.
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  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan if he is just a business man why he has to say புதன் கிழமை மாலை நமது அலுவலகத்திற்கு வந்ததொரு உள்ளூர் சிறுவன் கையில் இருந்ததோ ரூபாய் 100 ; ஆனால் அவன் இன்னும் வாங்கிடாத நமது சமீபத்திய இதழ்கள் 3 ! அவன் கண்களில் தெரிந்த அந்த ஏக்கம் ; இறுதியாக நியூ லுக் ஸ்...See More
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Don't worry. That won't happen. tongue
    Tex is a sure shot for him. Also, 50 rs per month vs 100 rs per month. wink
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Srinivasan Ramakrishnan Which is why I said, "He is at a point where he might actually believe his own bullshit. "wink
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil What we have here is a clear case of fanaticism, idolization, monopoly and amoral business ethics. Oh, forgot to add people who refuse to think and ask questions. wink
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  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan Illuminatiblog Tamil In a business the progress happens very slowly.. so compared to Rs 10 issues, definitely i appreciate Rs 100 issues for paper and print quality.. (i am not talking about the quality of the stories, translation, etc)
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil If you wanna get good quality paper, go to a stationary. You need not get that from a comic publishers. tongue
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  • Rafiq Raja Ramkumar : That's the only saving grace. But having made the move, I would expect them to follow some standards to the least. Why would Largo Winch published as 2 set an issue, suddenly should continue in Rs.400 special.

    Didn't Edit himself made it clear that the mistake they did with XIII was to have him feature in Thigil, Lion, Specials, which made it difficult to collect them in one issue.
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  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan After reading all the comments.. i now realize.. it is over priced edition... also not needed too... also there is no reason given for dropping professional courier option, but extra amount collected..
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Good. Then start asking questions which is what I've always asked to do here.
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  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan because of this 400 Rs issue now we cannot have a largo winch collection seperately because 2 stories were added in to the 400 Rs issue. another problem 19th part of xiii. is it really required to include in tht 400 Rs issue? if they released it seperately they can have it with their existing collection. why there is no planning from the reader's point of view.
  • Kogulam Rc நண்பர்களே. உங்கள் கருத்துக்கள் சிந்திக்கவைப்பவை. பக்கங்கள் அதிகரிக்கும்போது, அதற்கு ஏற்ப ஏதாவது ஒரு விகிதத்தில் புத்தகங்களின் விலைகள் அதிகரிக்கப்படவேண்டியதுதான். ஆனால், ரூபா 100 க்கு 150 பக்கங்கள் என்றால், 300 பக்கங்கள் ஆகும்போது, அதன் இரண்டு மடங்கு வி...See More
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  • Rafiq Raja It's like the Old ways of Tamil Comics digesting... for every special, they had their best comic heroes from all publications to appear together... It was Archie, Steel Claw, Spider earlier... Now it's XIII, Largo, Steel Claw (not again) to head them into the new age.

    It's pity to see XIII and Largo join the herd to just make the numbers, to interest all readers. It's a shame to the legacy of their storylines.
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Legacy? What legacy? The only legacy they know here is "Irumbukkai legacy". tongue
  • Rafiq Raja Kogulam Rc : உங்களுக்கு நினைவிருக்கலாம். முன்பொரு முறை ப்ளுபெர்ரியின் தொடர் கதை ஒன்றை ஸ்பெஷல் ஒன்றில் வெளியிட்டு விட்டு, 2 மாதம் கழித்து மற்ற வாசகர்கள் அதிக விலை காரணமாக அதை படிக்காமல் விட்டு விட்டார்கள்... அதனால், அதை கிளாசிக்கில் தனியாக வெளியிட எண்ணம...See More
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  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Kogulam Rc If they wanna have a pride ride on the reader's shoulder, without stating the explicit cause, to me atleast, it is immoral.
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  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan i never paid yearly subscription to them. Through ebay i ordered on Saturday and got it on monday morning. but people under subscription didnt get even on tuesday and posted on the editor's blog smile . one moe thing usually to increase subscribers base a...See More
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  • Kogulam Rc Rafiq Raja Illuminatiblog Tamil நீங்கள் சொல்வது மிகச் சரி. டைஜஸ்ட் என்பது ஒரே கதாநாயகனின் கதைத்தொகுப்பாக இருக்கவேண்டும். அல்லது தொடராக வராத தனிக்கதைகளைப் போட்டு முற்றும் வைக்கவேண்டும். இப்படிக் குழப்பியடிப்பதை ஏற்க வியலாது. முன்பெல்லாம், முத்து காமிக்ஸ...See More
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil //நன்மைக்குச் சொன்னாலும் கேட்பதற்கு நாதியில்லை. இப்போது பாராட்டாய் காதில் விழுபவை நாளை திட்டாக மாறும்போது ...? இன்றைய விற்பனைச்சூடு நாளைக்குத் தணியும்போதே புரியும்!//

    With this herd? tongue
    Ask them why they really celebrate lion comics and you'll find that they don't know the real reason themselves, when you get rid of all the cliche and bullshit from them. smile
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  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan no planning... no proper execution... but having list of reasons for the delays like current cut, artistஐ நாய் கடிச்சிருச்சு.... what the *#@%..... when magazines like kumudam, AV etc releasing every wednesday without fail...when news papers printing newspaper everyday why can't they do it
  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan //Lucky Luke + low quality Lucky Luke story
    Reporter Johny with low quality Prince story
    Western with low quality Blueberry Story ///
  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan First 2 lines, but i enjoyed blueberry story smile
  • Kogulam Rc இப்டியொரு பதிவை - யதார்த்தத்தை ஆசிரியரின் ப்ளாக்கில் பின்னூட்டமாக இட்டால் அவ்வளவுதான். அங்கேயிருக்கும் அடிப்பொடிவருடிகள் சேர்ந்து... நீ எப்படி இப்படிச்சொல்லலாம் என்று ஆரம்பித்து... 25 பின்னூட்டங்கள் போட்டு நிரப்பிவிடுவார்கள். ஆசிரியரும் "அப்பாடா... இது...See More
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil These idiots do not understand the difference between fanaticism and genuine interest. Their view of things is already skewed so much, they cry bloody murder when someone even tries to oppose their belief. smile
  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan Illuminatiblog Tamil is available for Rs 228. So in tamil i am getting it for Rs 100. So i am fine with this deal. You might complain about translation.. i agree.. but still it is a good bargain..
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil It is not about the comparison of prices. It is about the inconsistency and double standards in the same publishing company.
  • Ramkumar Gopalakrishnan Illuminatiblog Tamil I have already posted a comment in lion blog about Professional Courier issue. Not sure whether i will get an answer, but i have raised that issue there..
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  • Rafiq Raja Subscription is another confusing logic. Shops only book and pay the advance after a book is announced or released. They get 20% discount. Book Fairs you take the stock, and offer 10+ % discount. But subscribers pay a year in advance, and form your core block to keep the cash reserves to rally on. But they pay almost 40% extra then cover price, for shipping... without any discounts whatsoever.

    Even the comics publications in north, who go for a limited 200 to 500 issue run, a time - give you Free Shipping (Courier), and also offer a discount, or a special issue free. That you can never expect as it sounds, here.
  • Rafiq Raja Remember, Tex's Classic reprint of Thalai Vaangi Kurangu, was originally supposed to be a free issue for subscribers, but now it's part of 2012 subscription. No one even cared to raise that topic smile 

    If it would have been announced earlier that it was
     part of the subscription plans and will be counted, we could have demanded better reprint then the cruelly stretched work as it came out.

    In the end, it looks the only reason to print it in hurry-burry was to eliminate the fan copies printed and floating around (or were in plans).
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Posting a comment in that blog is like walking in rain. A short time later, you will not see any traces. wink
    The only reason why I have not and never will post comments there is because of the deletion of the unwanted comments(to them of course) that happens up there.
  • Illuminatiblog Tamil Monopoly my friend. Add to that nice dish the flexibility of unwavering fanatics. wink
  • Kogulam Rc Rafiq Raja Illuminatiblog Tamil நம்பி முதலீடு செய்வதில் உள்ள தயக்கமே பிரதான காரணம். நல்லகதைகள் (அப்போதைய காலகட்டத்துக்கு), தரமான சித்திரங்கள், சிறப்பான தெரிவுகள் என்று இருந்தபோது விற்பனையும் அதிகமாக இருந்தது, தைரியமாக முதலிடவும் முடிந்தது (பார்க்க...: ...See More
  • Srinivasan Ramakrishnan Illuminatiblog Tamil i'll copy everything in this post and put it on so it will be there on the blog atleast smile

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